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New Sash Windows

Sash Window Replacement Restoring Original box Frame Single or Double Glazing!

Sash Window Replacement Restoring Original box Frame Single or Double Glazing!

At our restoration workshop, we take pride in a meticulous process that not only preserves existing box frames but also introduces new, energy-efficient elements, saving you both money and time. Our comprehensive restoration service involves stripping the box frames to their original state, addressing any defects, and implementing necessary repairs.

The restoration process extends to the internals with the installation of a new pulley system, weights, sash cord, staff, and parting beads. As part of our commitment to modernizing your windows, we incorporate inlayed invisible draught-proofing, enhancing energy efficiency without compromising the aesthetics.

To ensure a seamless experience, all windows undergo priming and undercoating before arriving on-site. This meticulous preparation allows us to focus on fitting and finishing the painting to an exceptionally high standard during installation. By addressing both the restoration and modernization aspects in our workshop, we streamline the process, saving you valuable time and reducing overall costs.

Our approach not only revives the timeless charm of your windows but also introduces modern elements that contribute to energy efficiency.


Experience the perfect blend of heritage and innovation with our restoration and replacement services, where every detail is crafted with precision and dedication."

Full Sash window Replacement Single Or Double Glazing

Full Sash window Replacement Single Or Double Glazing 

Embark on a Journey of Transformation with Full Sash Window Replacements

As conservation and period property specialists, we bring a unique touch to your home's restoration. Our Full Sash Window Replacements seamlessly blend modern efficiency with timeless aesthetics, tailored specifically for conservation and period properties.

Each window undergoes meticulous preparation in our workshop. They are primed, draught-proofed, and expertly crafted to be ready for installation. Our commitment to excellence extends to the ease of finishing – your windows arrive on-site ready to fit, making it convenient for our fitters to paint them to our high standards.

Our approach eliminates the need for external scaffolding as we work from the inside, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient installation process.


Experience the perfect union of preservation and innovation as your period property is adorned with windows that effortlessly marry classic charm and contemporary efficiency."

Window Sill Replacement Sash Or Casement Windows

Window Sill Replacement Sash Or Casement Windows 


At Sash Window Repairs, our expertise in replacing and renewing hardwood sills is crucial, considering that rotten or flaky sills can lead to water damage, particularly on the interior. We emphasize the importance of timely sill replacement to prevent water penetration into the property. If you observe signs of water damage, our skilled team is ready to provide assistance, ensuring the longevity of your windows and preserving the integrity of your home.

In the process of renewing sills at Sash Window Repairs, we employ a meticulous approach to address issues such as rot and decay. Our skilled craftsmen carefully remove the damaged or deteriorated sections of the existing sill, ensuring a precise and seamless fit for the new hardwood sill.

The replacement process is executed with precision to guarantee structural integrity and to prevent potential water damage. We understand the critical role that sills play in safeguarding the window frame and interior spaces from water infiltration. By using high-quality hardwood and employing traditional woodworking techniques, we ensure that the new sill not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides long-lasting protection against moisture.

Our commitment extends beyond the physical replacement; we take into account the specific design and style preferences of our clients. Whether replicating the original design or introducing modern elements, our goal is to seamlessly integrate the new sill while preserving the authenticity of the window.

The result is a renewed sill that not only addresses existing issues but also contributes to the overall durability and resilience of the window structure. 

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