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Sash Window Renovation

Over time, sash windows can become worn and damaged. Weather conditions, humidity, lack of proper maintenance and simply age can all lead to your sash windows requiring some more sizeable repair work.

If you notice warning signs such as warped frames, sticky or rattling windows or draughts it might be time to consider some renovation work. Our professional craftsmen can offer you a complete renovation service for your sash windows, which can restore their original condition and save you the cost of replacing your windows with new sash windows.


Renovation of your wooden sash windows is a great alternative to replacement, you may think that because your sash windows are hard to open (or impossible in some cases!) that you need to replace them with new, but this is not always the case. With sash window renovation carried out by an expert sash window repair service your tired dysfunctional sash windows could end up becoming a feature piece for your home. We provide many levels of sash window renovation in London and surrounding areas from basic refurbishment to full renovation which will include replacement catches, lifting hooks and restriction bolts if required.


We believe that your sash windows deserve the best!

sash window renovations

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