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Sash Window Replacement

Replacement Double Glazed Sash Windows in London – Manufactured to perfectly replicate your existing period windows!

Replacing your single glazed sash windows with double glazed sash windows can add an additional thermal barrier when combined with our draught proofing service.

If you are having your sash windows repaired, refurbished or restored then you will also have an option to replace the single glazed sliding sash windows with new hardwood double glazed sash windows.

This will obviously add significant costs to your restoration or renovation price, but the benefits will be noticeable when the cold weather sets in.

Sash window draught proofing alone will normally be more than enough of a improvement as most of the heat lost through sash windows is from the cracks and gaps on the sliding runs of your windows.

Once the windows have been fully draught insulated simply drawing one’s curtains will provide you with pretty much the same if not better thermal protection as double glazed sash windows, the downside is though that on a beautiful winters day you will need to keep your curtains drawn to maintain he full benefit.

If you have retro-fit double glazed wooden sash windows fitted into your original box sash frames combined with a full refurb of the box and draught stripping you will achieve excellent thermal protection whether the curtains are drawn or not.

Costs involved can be quite high compared to simple refurbishment and draught stripping and anyone who tries to tell you that you will get a return of investment from reduced heating bills may indeed be right but they probably won’t tell you that it could take over 500 years to see it!

We do not use the reasoning of return of investment from a reduction in heating bills as the maths simply does not add up in our book. However, if you wish for a warm cosy home with reduced energy bills then double glazed sash windows combined with draught proofing is definitely worth considering.

New Sash Windows

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