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Sash Window Refurbishment

sash window refurbishment

With sash window refurbishment your sash windows will have a comprehensive mechanical service carried out to address all operational problems and also as part of the refurbishment work we also draught proof the sash windows to ensure over 97% of draughts are eliminated.

It is not hard to understand why so many people call us to ask about sash window refurbishment and sash window renovation given the fact that London has thousands upon thousands of very old rickety sash windows!

The sole intention of our sash window refurbishment process is to ensure that your old sash windows behave as you would expect them to behave. Please see below for a list of some of the things included in our sash window refurbishment package:

  1. Replace all sash cords with new nylon core sash cords

  2. Service and or replace all pulley wheels and ensure all sliding sash windows are correctly balanced on the correct weights.

  3. Replace all staff beading and parting beads with new wooden replica beads pre painted in our workshop prior to our arrival and all integrated with a very best draught strip brushes.

  4. Remove and replace all sash window catches, lifts and restriction bolts with new solid brass or satin nickel high quality furniture.

  5. Ensure all windows are leveled at the meeting points (meeting rails) to ensure a good secure close and fit.

  6. Eliminate the draughts and rattles by ensuring the windows are correctly fitted and aligned.

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